Support Group Session
Small groups

It's easy to join or start a small group in which to study the Bible and grow in Faith together. 

We have many different groups that meet for all sort of people - there are groups that are part of the Home from Home community, the Seniors community, for Mums or for Dads as well as groups for those who aren't part of a specific community. They meet at different times throughout the week, some via Zoom.

If you would like to join a small group, please get in touch. Twice a month on Wednesday evenings Duncan and Dilys run Mosaic, a community of small groups, for those from other countries wanting make a home in Tunbridge Wells, for those in their 20's and for those who are new to TWBC. They would love for you to join them!

Transformed Living

Have you ever wondered how to live out the Christian life every day?
Transformed Living is a seven-week church programme that helps you explore what it looks like practically to live life ‘in Christ’. 
Strengthen your relationships at home and in the workplace. Find your unique place in the Church. Discover how to stand firm under pressure. Explore why the unity of God’s people is a key element for living a transformed life.


Be challenged. Be renewed. Be transformed.

Transformed Life is a tried-and-tested church programme for the whole congregation that looks at answering three of life’s key questions:

Who am I?
Where do I belong?
What am I living for?

Transformed life.jpg

Download notes for Small Groups here:

Following our talk from Ben Lindsay, you may like to study this further by reading his book, We Need to Talk About Race

or by following his four-session series of small group studies which seek to grow our understanding of the black experience in white majority churches.