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Support Group Session
Bible Study

It's easy to join or start a small group in which to study the Bible and grow in Faith together. 

We have many different groups that meet for all sort of people - there are groups that are part of the Home from Home community, the Seniors community, for Mums or for Dads as well as groups for those who aren't part of a specific community. They meet at different times throughout the week, some via Zoom.

If you would like to join a small group, please get in touch.

Twice a month on Wednesday evenings Duncan and Dilys run Mosaic, a community of small groups, for those from other countries wanting make a home in Tunbridge Wells, for those in their 20's and for those who are new to TWBC. They would love for you to join them on the following dates in the Sanctuary from 8pm:

24th April  Gospel

8th May Salvation

22nd May Freedom

5th June Mystery

19th June AGM Church Meeting

26th June Devotion or Community Duncan and Dilys away

10th July Social meal at the Manse

Life as an adventure with God

A new series inviting you to go on an adventure with God, learning insights from the Apostle Paul.

Small group notes:

There are many aids available to you which are designed to help you spend quality time with God each day. Here are a few that we recommend: 

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WordLive Scripture Union.png
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