Rebuilding Your Life - questions from 28th June 2020

Looking Back

  • What has been precious and valuable to you in lock down?                                                             

  • Are there any aspects you can take with you into the future?          

  • What has become less important to you during lock down?                                                       

  • What have you left behind in the lock down that you do not want to return to?

  • What have you been learning from the Lord during lock down?                                                                     

  • How have you and your household grown at this time?

  • Have you learnt and grown through it or are you still learning in it?

  • And if you feel you’ve not been listening out for what the Lord was teaching you, you can still start today.                           


Rebuilding Your Life

  • What are your top 1, 2 or maximum 3 priorities for the way forward?

Stone Wall

Rebuilding Your Life


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